Wednesday, April 1, 2009

*sigh* Dayton...

because Jared says I must... :)

*tear tear* last trip to Dayton... and the first day is complete.

There are so many memories to think about, and yet so many moments to experience. To reminisce, or to live the new ones.

It's funny to think about my past seasons. It's funny to think about how far away they seem. How well I remember them, and how blurry they are at the same time. Planning the senior parties, and now, being the one being planned for. Crying that my seniors, my role model, and best friend, were leaving, not being able to imagine spinning without them. And now being the one moving onward and upward. To what I'm familiar with? Or to something new?

These times are my favorite memories: buying cheap sunglasses with Erin and Matty at AIA in NC; doing the first initiation skit in Dayton mocking the instructors; buying "I Heart My Extra Three Inches" shirts; watching Friends nonstop on the way to and from Dayton, singing the theme song every time and clapping to it; getting glowstick matter all overr the walls; it snowing... always; mall trips; crashing the instructors' room with Erin and Matty; senior shindigs at Chuck E Cheese; countless floor foldings, successes, failures, tears, laughs, and everything in between...