Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The moment you just admit it.

Yeah, I'm pretty messed up. I fly off the handle. I don't manage my emotions as well as I could. I haven't treated myself as well as I should have in the past. I've been very very lost. I have memories and scars that will never fade.

And I have friends who love me anyway. I have... a pretty great life. I've turned myself around. I can be successful. I've become stronger. I have a reason to face down the demons. I know I've got to keep going. Whoever is at fault, and whatever regrets I might have... none of it really matters. Because I'm here... by the grace of God I'm here, and I'm here for a reason. And that's the only thing that really means anything. And for that reason, I am thankful. And for that reason, I am proud... even of my messed up self.

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