Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Sleep's just time spent wasting time..."

Insomnia... I have experienced both extreme sides of it in the past week or two. Clearly detrimental effects are present... it removes the ability to feel anything else. One becomes too exhausted to even experience emotion.

But the aspect that is becoming more apparent to me now is that of experiencing every moment of life that I can. I don't want to sleep. I fear that I will miss out on life... I fear that I will miss something... Miss an experience... Miss a fun time... Miss a new friend. Life is full of unknown and unpredictable encounters... how am I going to just sleep that away? I'd rather dance... I'd rather laugh... I'd rather learn... I'd rather love... I want to live my life, and not only to live it, but to experience it. I want to breathe it, love it, own it. At every turn. At every hour. At every opportunity.

I want everything that life has to offer. I am not about to miss one single moment of beauty.

Peace. (:

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