Sunday, February 21, 2010

To belong (v.):

1. to be proper or due; to be properly or appropriately placed, situated, etc.
Sweatpants. Tank top. Early morning. Laying on the hard, concrete gym floor. The smell of paint, floor, guard. The most comfortable place I've ever slept. Every muscle aching, feet throbbing, bruises in places I didn't even realize. Incessant clapping. Yelling. "Oh dear God, we need to do that again." Rifles dropping. Poles clanking against each other. Sun shining through the flags in the windowsill. Dusty bars of light falling on the floor, making the shooting star sparkle even more than usual. And amidst all of the pain, the noise, the fatigue, the sweat and tears and the long hours, I find peace.

I know, this is exactly where I belong.

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