Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think I've seen that tree before...

Seriously. I'm not just having deja vu. Do I really have a problem of for some reason needing to fall back into this old routine? And why would I want to fall in a routine that would hurt so bad? Is it me that's changing? Because it doesn't feel like it... I'm not changing my views. Or have I changed to be what someone else wanted, and now that they've changed their mind, I'm no longer what they want me to be? Am I not enough to help make another person's life okay? Like they can me okay when I'm having problems? Why can't they come to me? Why do they have to do it all alone? Can't they trust me? I am their best friend right? Or is someone else? Am I missing something? Or am I being lied to? Maybe they've just changed their mind again, and they don't love me anymore? Am I really seeing them look at me differently, talk to me differently, act differently around me, and touch me differently?

Or maybe I'm just over-reacting about it all...

I sit here again as you make up your mind, love
Just take our sweet time
That we have now to be
Just You and Just Me.
Let's be free of these things
That have stood in our way love,
We're finally here,
And we're lost and we're scared,
But it's us, love, together
For the first time in years
You said, "Don't let this go, girl I won't let this die."
Babe, I know we can take on the world,
You and I,
Maybe not by ourselves.
I know I can't on my own.
And I know that you're strong, but
Love, you're not alone
Anymore. We have demons,
And habits,
And pasts,
And I'm not saying it's easy,
But I'll promise to try
To be who I am,
And I'll do what I do,
And that's not going to change, love,
I promise, this time,
I am what you need.
Baby, don't change your mind.

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