Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Stop naming shapes! Stop doing the worm! I'm trying to penetrate you!!"

I'm all moved into my new home!!! :D Move-in was Saturday, and to be honest the whole ordeal was fairly painless and simple. I'm really really happy with my dorm, and now that I have it all decorated I'm really really loving it. :)
Some pictures.

My view is absolutely spectacular, and I have lots of space, and I can control my temperature which is great because it means I can make it super cold. :) So it's pretty excellent.

Aside from all of the moving in and such, pretty much it's just been running around to all of the events and finding my way around and discovering which streets are one way and all of that crazy stuff.

This also happens to include figuring out the parking decks and having to remember if we locked the cars or not and avoiding the sketchy streets at dark, which leads me to a very very interesting story.

So, Amy parks in the Bowe Street Deck because it's temporary and only for a few weeks. Well, compared to our dorms it's in like bum-fuck-nowhere. Jared, she, and I go to eat at Qdoba at like ten-thirty, and Amy can't remember if she locked her car or not. Jared has to go home soon anyway so we go get his car and he drives us to the other parking deck. As we walk up to Jared's car, Amy sees this.

Actually she sees this minus the pocket knife, but still... what else could that be? Yeah. So yeah. So Jared drove us over to Amy's parking deck to check her car. This is how it goes. Situation: Eleven PM. Dark. Approaching the sketchier part of town. Empty parking deck. 18 year old girl. Clearly she can't go in by herself.
Chelsea: "I'll go with you." Jared pulls into parking lot across the street; parks facing away from the deck. Amy: "At least park facing the deck so that if I die you see it!!!" Jared: "I'm coming with you!" Amy: "Oh! I thought you were staying!" Jared: "Well I don't even know what I would do if I saw you die!! That would be horrible." Chelsea: "Well at least you could be a witness." Amy: "Yeah... he'd be like 'Male... Medium build... About 6 feet tall... Dark...' Just like oh, 90% of the male population in Richmond." Jared: "And then I'd be like 'And she saying something about a square, and doing this *spastic squiggling motion*." And then the conversation spiraled into Amy talking about the rapists reaction which would be, "Stop naming shapes! Stop
doing the worm! I'M TRYING TO PENETRATE YOU!!!" And then we died.

Richmond is great. :D

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