Monday, August 10, 2009

Vahhhh Beach!

Saturday the bestie and I decided to take a mini, pre-college road trip to Virginia Beach. Any time we do anything, just us, it has to get interesting. So, we plan to leave at nine so we have plenty of time to hang when we get there and not have to drive home in the dark. Remember that. It's important for later in the story. Anyway, of course we didn't even leave til 9:45 at the earliest. I, planning ahead, had used the GPS to write down directions a couple days earlier. It's easy at first, we just get on 64 and drive forever. It was no big deal and traffic wasn't that bad, so we got a little bored. Amy gets the brilliant idea to make a gangsta rap. So, she starts moving around, trying to set up my camera on the dash to film it. She hits the record button, and all of a sudden my engine starts revving, but I'm not accelerating. Of course, I start freaking, cause I mean, I needed an oil change anyway, and it's not like it's a new car. So I pull off the road for a second and Amy discovers the problem... she knocked the shifter into neutral. Remember, this got videotaped (videos up on Facebook). So, once we managed to make it back on to 64, we continued to try to video our rap... four times. Vids also up on Facebook. And yes, no worries, we did finally succeed.
Around 11:30 we start getting very close to the beach. At around, oh five miles? from The Tunnel, traffic stops. GAH.

How I drive when I'm bored.


So... clearly, it takes forever to get through that. Once we did, we followed my directions, from the GPS (bad idea, I don't reccomend it) past the VA Beach signs, and off onto some obscure exit that took us to the part of "VA Beach" where like normal people lived and stuff. We decide to stop for directions at the 7-11, and the guy says, "Get on 64 and there will be signs taking you straight there." I'm like "WE JUST CAME FROM 64." So, we figure, okay forget this guy, let's just go East because eventually, we'll have to run into the ocean right? We go East and just as I've had it up to my boiling point with the back roads and small towns we're driving through, we pull off and the guy at the hella sketch gas station tells us to just take a left at the next light and it'll take us straight there. Thank God. So, instead of getting there at 12, we got there at 2, and then had to park. We were actually pretty lucky with the parking. It was irritating at first cause ALL OF THE LOTS were full, but we eventually found some hourly parking on the street until six.
Once there, the first thing we did was go and eat at the pizza place from our last Bayside trip. :) Then we shopped around a little, and Amy got her tongue pierced.

Fooled you. :) It's totally fake. We found Rachel another obscure gift, and came across these at the candy store.

We were utterly amused. To complete our shopping adventures, we decided to buy a skim board. Well. I have never skim boarded in my life. And as dangerous as it looks... it is. We went out onto the beach (which was crowded as hell) and attempt to skim board, pretty much just asking to make ourselves look like fools in front of everyone. So, Amy tries and kinda just steps on the thing. Well I actually went for it... and completely fell on my ass. It was totally great. And I got laughed at by the guys that were skim boarding with a boogie board and giving us not so helpful information. =/

I must say it was one of the better failing moments of my life. And I finally got the hang of skim boarding a little. :D

For the rest of the day we hung out on the beach, and went to dinner at some Italian place. We ended up having to move our car at six... So we drove around to find another space for two hours. Lots had opened up, but all of them charged flat rates of like $7 or $10, and we were not about to pay that for two hours. But, we're awesome and found a meter spot right outside of a lot. (HA!) So for the last two hours we went and got our traditional henna, and bought a pound and a quarter of fudge. Nom nom nom.

Love it. :)

We finally got out of there at 8. Yeah, remember how we wanted to be home before dark? We left at dusk. And, about thirty minutes out... just after it got dark... it starts DOWNPOURING. I mean torrential. f-ing. downpour. Like slow down to 45, put your flashers on, and/or pull off the road downpour. It stopped after about thirty minutes though and the rest of the drive wasn't bad. Until I needed to take my medicine and Amy had to pee, so we stopped at a rest stop with vending machines that didn't work and took my money and then we had to stop again at another hella sketch gas station and scrape up 91 cent to get a can drink. *sigh*

I think we ended up getting home around 11 something and I spent the rest of the night with Amy. All in all, another interesting and excellent day in Amy-Chelsea history. :D

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