Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A moment to appreciate: My best friend.

8:32pmAmy - eeheeheehee i'm talking to myself.

8:32pmChelsea - i know! i am that myself!

8:32pmAmy - well, if it isn't you, myself.

8:32pmChelsea - tis i that is me, you.

8:33pmAmy - i can see that myself, thank you you.

8:33pmChelsea - then don't be so arrogant, me. you cannot take it.

8:34pmAmy - you and i both know this. myself is very sensitive.

8:34pmChelsea - a bit TOO sensitive methink, myself.

8:34pmAmy - i feel like this is shady, says i to you, myself.

8:34pmChelsea - shady, i say?

8:35pmAmy - yes. i seem to know too much about myself, you think.

8:35pmChelsea - i think so. this conversation is over!

8:35pmAmy - no! don't leave me, you!

8:35pmChelsea - you have done this to myself.

8:36pmAmy - this i know to be true. you and i were never meant to be.

8:36pmChelsea - i'm glad you have realized this, myself. it saves us the awkward conversation.

8:37pmAmy - i will miss you, me.

8:37pmChelsea - and i you, myself. good riddence.

8:38pmAmy - goodbye, you. i hope you have a good life. peace out, homeself.

8:39pmChelsea - CRABS.

8:40pmAmy - that is innappropriate.
Real life. Real us.
I wouldn't judge you if you were jealous. :)

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