Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The moment you truly understand what you have.

I have intelligence. I have no handicaps. I have resources. I have the ability. I have the drive. I have been given the opportunity to learn. I have been given the opportunity to work.

I have a job. I have a house. I have a car. I have food on the table. I have clothes on my back. I have a lot of luxuries. I have money in my pocket. I have a warm shower. I have a bed.

I have the love of the one person in the world that I want it from the most. I have the love of my very best friend. I have a confidant. I have a soulmate. I have the most beautiful love story. We have more history than all the books. I have established trust. I have someone who knows me. We have overcome all obstacles. I have faith that we can overcome anything. We have more than the jealous little girls could ever dream of. We have more than the selfish little boys could comprehend. We have a real life together. We have a home. We have plans, and dreams. We have a cat. I have more in him than I ever could have dreamed of. We have something no one could take away. We have a love that is timeless. I have my past and my future, and my present, all in one.

I have THE best friends. I have a support system. I have a (few) shoulder(s) to cry on. I have people to laugh with. I have people to keep me in check. I have hearts that care about me. I have people that will check up on me. I have faith that my disappearance would be noticed. I have hearts that understand. I have the best time with them. I have a helping hand, or just a place to vent. I have life-saving devices. I have a family.

And when I look at it this way... I really have nothing to bitch about.

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