Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The moment a life is cut much too short.

I'm not even really sure what to say. I guess I should say something about how life is so fragile, and how we should be thankful and appreciative of every second we have, of every smile, every laugh. Something about how we should never waste a moment on something that wouldn't matter if we or someone we loved was gone tomorrow. Something about not taking things for granted.

But, it's much too close to home this time, and in reality, all I can do is sit here in shock and disbelief. This can't be real. I can't even begin to identify the emotions and thoughts that I'm having right now. Deep down, I think I'm keeping myself from doing it, because it's just too much to handle. I need to focus my mind on something else, but somehow I just can't keep my thoughts from wandering back. What just keeps getting me is thinking about my mom. Coming home. Finding him. Thinking she was just barely too late. Thinking maybe it could have been prevented. I can feel her pain, and it makes me feel sick. I can't even fully endure it right now, so instead I think I'm choosing to just not comprehend it.

Rest in Peace Uncle Roth. You left us much too soon.
You were and always will be loved, and will always be missed.


Shelby said...
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Shelby said...

aww praying for you and your mom! love you! <3