Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How band camp and life goes, at the moment...

Ah so I have not written in a few days. Hmm, I guess I'll just start with guard and band camp then. So, the guard has had a total of four practices since I last posted. And I must say, I did not realize how much I loved and missed my guard until I went to practice. I remembered why it is that I love what I do so much. These girls (and two guys) are people from all different social circles. Completely different people that never would have talked to each other outside of this program. And they come to be your family. It's just amazing, something that I can't explain. And, learning sabre work today and yesterday at band camp, I remembered the feeling of performance. Just being able to have fun and make faces, and make people laugh while doing it. I love being out there on the field, and hearing the crowd and knowing that the cheering that they're doing, the happiness they're experiencing, you took part in giving them. It's the most amazing feeling ever. Our show this year is going to be awesome, and I couldn't be more excited that my senior year will be spent marching this show.

And on the social life side of things... it's interesting. Quite interesting. I think I've had more surprising things happen to me (good and bad) in the past four days than I've had happen in the past six months. But I enjoy it. I enjoy just living, without expectations. That way you're never let down, and you're always surprised. It keeps life interesting and fun. Anyway, I have a feeling that sometime soon there will be some interesting relationship details. :) Ah, I am excited for what the rest of my life has to offer.

"Regardless of warning, the future doesn't scare me at all."

Yeah. Thank you Simple and Clean. :)
Peace all. <3

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