Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sun = Bad

So, I've been doing this whole band camp for what, four years now? You'd think that I'd have the whole routine down. Yeah, well apparently not.

It started out at the beginning of the week with a pretty normal, mild-ish sunburn. Then the next day got worse. My face got burned so badly that it hurts to brush my hair (don't ask how that works), and I got the most ridiculous tan lines I had ever seen (pick necklace, ponytail, bangs, etc.)

Then today, well, actually it started yesterday, but today my eyes got severely bloodshot. More than they had been for the past few days. Eventually it got to the point that I couldn't open my right eye and I had to take my contacts out. It hurt whenever I was in bright light, so when I got home, I googled "eye problems related to sun exposure." The result that I got was a site telling me the following:
Eye pain or vision problems after being in the sun can be serious.
Symptoms of vision problems from sun exposure may include:
Partial or complete vision loss.
Burning pain.
A feeling that something is in your eye (foreign body sensation).
Decreased vision.
The eyes are very sensitive to sunlight. Sunburning your eyes can cause damage to the light-sensitive membrane that covers the inside of the eyeball (retina) or damage to the lens (which can eventually cause cataracts).
You might also have pain, more tearing, and a gritty feeling in your eyes if they have been sunburned. These symptoms usually begin several hours after being in the sun. If these symptoms do not go away, an evaluation by a health professional is needed.

Wonder-freaking-ful. My eyes are sunburned.

So, future advice for any marching band people, or anyone in a sport or outside job, whatever... wear sunglasses. Cause it hurts, for serious.

Peace & <3.

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