Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer's end...

So, today marks the effective end of summer for me. Though we don't go back to school until the first of September, guard practice starts today and lasts all of August. That's right, our practice starts even before band camp, cause we're hardcore. I've had lots of things on my mind lately, but none of those things are complete enough ideas to be able to write or make sense of. But something that I noticed yesterday got me thinking, and it kinda relates to this whole summer ending thing.
My dad listens to Rush Limbaugh on 1140, and this week he will have been on the radio for twenty years. Now, I can remember as a kid my dad always listening to Rush, and, of course as a small child I thought, "well, he must have been listening to him for years." It's interesting that at that time, he had only been on the radio for three years or so. That made me realize that, rounding up of course, I am almost twenty years old. I have friends that will be twenty and twenty-one. I'm closer to the two decade mark than the one decade mark. And that's strange to me. Time is a very weird thing. That back in eighth grade, when my friends and I thought we had all of the answers, we were barely thirteen. Thirteen!! And we thought we knew about love and life and everything. Now, at sixteen, I feel like I'm so much older, but sixteen sounds like such a small number. Hell, seventeen even does. It's so intriguing how all of those memories can seem so far, and so close. It was just yesterday, but we were so young. And now, my summer's over, but we just got out of school about a month ago. And yet, it's felt like forever getting here. Of course, maybe I'm getting in over my head trying to comprehend time, but you know, it's what I think about.

Well, anyway, in other news my life has been pretty routine, but good. My best friend Amy, who I was in a massive silent fight with, and I finally worked it out. By just talking again like nothing had ever been wrong. Yeah, best friends can do that. And, my dad and I went to see a movie last night, and we went to see Foreigner at Innsbrook the night before (yeah, be jealous. It rocked). We're actually getting to do stuff together again, like we used to when I was a kid. It sucks that there's not much time left for all of that, but better late than never I suppose. And other than that, it's just being myself, trying to figure things out with my friends, trying not to worry, and waiting for all of the fun stuff to start up again. And now, I must be off to prepare for my guard practice. :) Peace.

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