Monday, August 11, 2008

Those important to me.

At this point, I want to take some time to talk about the most important thing in my life. The relationship that I have with my friends is something so outstanding that I cannot even comprehend it. It's something that you just feel, and God help you if you ever try to consider the reasons why.

Amy - my best friend. For someone who I've only known for five years (pah! only...), this is a person who is like a sister to me. Same brain? Yeah, I think so. This is to all of those moments, when we think the same thoughts, and don't even have to say anything, when we say the same things and just bust out laughing because of it, when the most random things happen, that we just accept as normal though it is usually far from it. Two people who can not talk for a whole month, and then make up and have it feel like that void of time never existed. Yeah, envy that.

Mike - a person who has helped me figure out a lot of things about life. Seeing life from my perspective, however enlightening it may be, is so restrictive compared to being able to share my ideas and have them taken as something legit, and then being able to hear someone else's point of view. He and I are two people who, though maybe quite the same, take completely different roads to get there, but are able and willing to learn all about the other way. And I greatly appreciate everything I have gained from him.

Travis - So, if you know me (probably do, if you're reading this), you may think we hate each other, or we fight, or may even be surprised that he could be on my list of most important people ever. Hmm, well let's be mature people. Seriously, spending three years of your life with someone, you're going to take something from them, and in my case, I like to take something good from every situation. I think we've come to a point where we can both accept the reasons why we've both been such jerks to each other, and also realize the ways that we've changed. I don't agree with a lot of what Travis says =P but I respect him highly, and regard him as a wonderful person and very good and important friend.

Last, but in no way, (seriously... no way) least.
My best friend. My love. And yeah, my boyfriend. =)
Holden - Also, if you know me, you could be thinking, "really? again?" Yeah, well you can shut it. Imagine having someone that you can tell anything, but don't really have to because they already know everything about you. Someone that you've always been able to talk to, from the first day you met them. A person who understands, even if you have this weird awkward way of explaining things so that no one understands. A best friend, someone you just hang with and have a good time. Someone who can see what you give to the world, and then see past that to what you don't give to the world, and call you out on it, but not in a criticising way, in a respecting and loving and accepting way. And then imagine being completely and totally in love with that person. And them, them being completely in love with you. With everything that you don't want to show. They love it. Imagine that? Yeah, it's awesome and it's something I can't even comprehend. I know, I know, "high school is not the place for deep and lasting relationships." Except, I don't really believe that. I enjoy the fact that there would be someone that would want to know everything about me. That would want to experience everything with me. I just couldn't be with someone who hasn't been there with me, who I can't really be sure if I know everything about. What could be better than being with someone who has been there with you always, through most of the years of your life, laughing and loving and living with you. Nothing? Oh yeah, that's what I thought. This isn't a stage where I'm in high school mode anymore. Soon, I will be planning and shaping my life. So, all of you who want to down on high school relationships, go ahead because I don't consider this one. This is something completely different than I've known. I've known the happiness of being with him, but the complete realization that this isn't going away this time just hasn't set in yet. That's a realization that I have anew every single morning, and I wake up excited about life and the future every day. And it's wonderful.

So, now that I've rambled about how grossly in love I am (which I'm sure you're all completely eager to hear about, ha!) I just want to say that I love all of my friends, and I wanted to do this, to put this out there, because even if we don't stay in touch too much after school, these people, these few people have shaped my life in ways you could never even imagine. I would not be as outgoing, imaginative, or probably as sane as I am now if it weren't for them. Friendship is truly a love like no other, and the nights, the parties, the long talks, the laughs and tears, that is what makes up my life, my happiness. My family. I love you all.

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