Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I bleed black and gold. :D

Orientation!! *sigh* Got that out of the way. :)

Basically, aside from hours worth of lots of information that I had already heard, being put in the wrong cohort and having to sort out that mess, and getting up so damn early both mornings, orientation was pretty hella sweet. Got to meet some pretty awesome people, so I won't be so alone going into this. :) The nighttime events and all were pretty cool. I'm all for playing pool and chillin and stuff. They should really turn down the volume of the karaoke though. =/ My favorite thing to do though, honestly, was just sit outside and enjoy the weather and the city. I absolutely adore the sounds of the city. And the lights. Oh my God, the LIGHTS. My favorite sight in the world, hands down. Our room in Brandt was perfectly placed. I woke up to this sight outside my window. I wish I'd had a better camera close by.

It was simply perfect. The sky had just faint tints of pink strewn through it... But the lights of the city were still on... managing to give it this magical glow. The world is so peaceful when it's just waking up.

Apart from all of that it was just signing up for classes, which I'd already done, and getting our ID cards and becoming all official and such.


And now I have, hmmm... roughly 59 days til move-in, unless I do the Freshman Research Institute and move in early. And I CAN'T WAIT!

Richmond is just... my haven. I thrive on the life that the city contains. It's just so full of energy and I can't ever feel down or dull or anything with so much excitement going on around me. I really think a place like this will be good for me... to strip me of the shy, secluded introvert. I really can't wait to see how I handle things on my own. I've been dying to be out of this town, away from the people who think they know me and the drama they think matters. I just want to be able to really grow as the person I've been trying to be this past year. And I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than the city. my home. :)



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