Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer To-Do List...

Things I've done this summer, am going to do, or hope to work toward. Will update periodically.

  1. Dance in the pouring rain.
  2. Kiss in the pouring rain.
  3. Enjoy the sun through the trees on a beautiful afternoon.
  4. Get a better job.
  5. Get a car.
  6. Get a tan.
  7. Appreciate the little moments. Like lunch at Rosa's. Or a nut shell with a heart on it.
  8. Read. A lot.
  9. Figure myself out.
  10. Chill out a little bit.
  11. Accept the distance, and let it only make me stronger.
  12. Learn to forgive.
  13. Learn to let it go. The little things are just bumps in the road.
  14. Prepare myself to be an adult.
  15. Clean out my room.
  16. Take responsibility.
  17. Grow my hair out.
  18. Love life. Day to day.
  19. Be more optimistic.
  20. Be more confident.
  21. Get it together. Control my emotional reactions.
  22. Save some money.
  23. Have a (guard) girls night.
  24. Walk the beach at night with my best friend.
  25. Waste away the night watching movies and snuggling.
  26. Sell all of that stuff that I really don't need.
  27. Feel the most terrible yet completely selfless pain.
  28. Work on my movie collection.
  29. Get a photography business going.
  30. Swim in the river.
  31. Make it happen. Whatever it may be. And no matter what it is.
  32. Manage my time.
  33. Catch fireflies.
  34. Spread happiness.

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